Care Grants

Care Grants are awarded to projects taking place in any haematology unit across our region. They are awarded to projects which will have a positive impact for many patients.

Previously our Care Grants have been used to fund a number of projects. Examples include; funding an outreach nurse for three years, renovating patient environments, contributing to complimentary therapy services and the purchase of  electrical equipment to improve the patient experience.

Trustees review each application on an individual basis.

To apply for a care grant please complete the application form and send alongside any additional information to


How we help

Bright Red Outreach Nurse Grant

As the demand on the Northern Centre for Cancer Care grows there is an increased need for outreach care.

Blood cancer patients are monitored regularly. This can often mean repeated trips to hospital for simple procedures (eg blood tests). Some of these tests could be conducted in the patients home. An outreach facility reduces travel time, stress and expense for the patient receiving the visit.  It also has a positive knock on effect for patients attending clinics.

Bright Red agreed to the funding of up to £135,000 for 3 years for a specialist hematological outreach nurse and in 2013 Sarah Blakey took up post.

In the time Sarah has been doing the job we can see a real need to provide more services like this, not only in Newcastle but all across the region.


“Sarah’s job helps us to provide an outstanding level of personalised care for our patients both inside and outside of the hospital setting. This service means many patients can be reviewed in their own homes making care more efficient and minimising trips into the hospital itself.” Matron Peter Towns


“Having worked in Haematology for 6 years caring for people with blood cancers and seeing how they struggle to cope with their diagnosis, treatments, frequent admissions and attendances to hospital etc. It is fantastic to be in this job where I am able to support them through their journey and work to make it a more patient centred service. I reduce visits to hospital by going out to patient’s homes to take bloods and review them there by saving clinic and Day unit time. This new post is enabling patients to have greater access to clinical nurse specialist support and allowing us to consider new ways to shape the service to better meet Haematology patients and their families needs.” Bright Red Outreach Nurse Sarah Blakey


Complementary Therapy Team

Bright Red has supported the Complementary Therapy Team at the Northern Centre for Cancer Care since 2010. To date we’ve invested over £35,000 in the service, and have pledged a further £25,000 over the next three years.

The Complementary Therapy Team is wholly funded from charitable funds. The team provide a variety of relaxation massages including foot, hand, shoulder and head massage amongst others.

Treatment for any kind of cancer can be extremely nerve-wracking. This service goes a long way in making patients more comfortable during what is often a very difficult time.


“An excellent service. Has really helped me at times when I have felt very stressed/tense and had problems sleeping.”


“It helps me so much as I feel very anxious about coming in for my treatment. I really look forward to my massage and chat now.”


“It’s the one thing I can look forward to when I come here. What ever this service costs it’s worth every penny. Wish I could have had these therapies at my previous hospital!” Patient quotes

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