Other Ways to Help

We rely entirely on our supporters raising funds on our behalf. We would not be able to invest in improving patient care, staff development and research without the fantastic support we receive.

However; there are still other ways in which you can help patients all across the world, at no cost to you at all.


Blood / platelet donation

Nearly 50% of all blood donations are used in the treatment of hematological diseases (including treatment of blood cancers and anemia) and yet only 4% of the able population donate blood.

The majority of blood cancer patients will need a blood or platelet transfusion during their treatment. Some patients require multiple transfusions.

Donating blood is extremely quick and easily. Each time you donate you could be helping to save up to three people.

With treatment becoming more and more individualized the need for platelet donors is also on the rise.

For more information please visit www.blood.co.uk

Joining the bone marrow register

There is one bone marrow register in the UK and it is managed by a charity called Anthony Nolan.

To join you can either register via Anthony Nolan (17-30), Delete Blood Cancer (17-55) or you can ask the nurse when you donate blood for more information.

When a patient is told they need a bone marrow/stem cell transplant this is often their last chance of a cure. By joining you could help save a life. For most donors the donation is just as straightforward as giving blood. Anthony Nolan have created a fantastic video to demonstrate what happens if you’re a match.


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