3 Peaks in 24 Hours

A group of fundraisers from our regional Insolvency Service office recently set themselves the challenge of completing the Three Peaks in 24 hours.
Leading the group was one of our regularly fundraisers, Dave Elliott. Known to make things more difficult than they need to, Dave added a 24 hour Coast to Coast bike ride in, the day before the Three Peak challenge, just for good measure!
Here Dave shares his fundraising story “ So I made it to the Quayside but that was as far as my luck held. Doctor Guinness hadn’t told me everyone else cycles west to east so the signs face the other way. Wind at high force into my face all the way. Rain. Hailstones. And endless hills.
The day after the cycle I met the rest of the group and we headed North. The minibus axle collapsed near Glencoe. No phone signal. Eventually down from Ben Nevis at 1020 pm I now know what “wet” really means. No food. McDonalds shut 3 minutes before we got there. The “24 hour ASDA” at Hamilton stays open until a miraculous and mindboggling 2 am on a Saturday though that was when the robbery took place, so maybe a degree of foresight on their part. Got hit by a pick up truck which took out our driver’s mirror and ended all hope of sleep.
Got to Scafell at 5 am and set off. Not much to recommend it other than it is pure slog and graft. Luckily we got the exact same view at the top as we had on Ben Nevis. Rain. Off to Snowdon and glorious sunshine, my favourite by far. Back down by 830 so climbing times were in accordance with the targets but driving times faltered due to circumstances beyond…
Luckily the M6 only had two major crashes on the Sunday so the 2.5 hours to Tebay took 6 hours. Team did brilliantly throughout, very proud and tired.”

A suitably drama filled fundraising story for these supporters! We are so very grateful to everyone involved, particularly Stephen Kenyon who worked so hard in pulling the event together.
We hope the group is as proud of themselves as we are. An amazing achievement!

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