2016 April


Bright Red Supports Complementary Therapy At Hexham General Hospital

Hexham Oncology Day Unit has recently received a donation of £4,250 from Bright Red to help with the on-going costs of the unit’s Complementary Therapy Service.

Complementary therapy covers a wide range of practices used alongside conventional treatments for illnesses including cancer. They can help some people cope with the symptoms of disease and its treatment, aid relaxation, and reduce tension and anxiety.

All patients undergoing chemotherapy in the Oncology Unit are currently offered access to the service, either whilst having chemotherapy or in a separate appointment, depending on what they feel would suit them best.

Between 300 and 400 cancer patients a year benefit from the treatments within Hexham Hospital, treatments that include, Reiki, massage and reflexology amongst others.

Oncology Day Unit Manager, Fiona Holdsworth said, “The Complementary Therapy Team is a desperately important service.

Bright Red has kindly agreed to fund half of the service, covering treatment for our haematology patients, but we still need to find funding for our oncology patients.

It adds a great quality to patient’s care, and helps relieve pain and anxiety. It’s a service we are very proud of, and are fiercely protective of.”


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