2015 October


Fundraiser Friday – Viv Routledge

Today’s Fundraiser Friday story focuses on the efforts of Viv Routledge.

Many of you will know Viv from Ward 33, where she works a Ward Clerk.

On top of her duties, Viv is a fantastic fundraiser for Bright Red, even taking part in our 2014 trek to Kilimanjaro. Through sheer determination she reached the summit, motivated all the way to the top through her relationships with patients and their families.

Viv said ‘It’s a privilege to meet and get to know so many amazing people and their families. The strength and courage they all show under such challenging and an often really difficult circumstance astounds me. They are all so uncomplaining they are an inspiration.

I am very proud to be part of the fantastic team on Ward 33’.

Thanks to Viv and the rest of the Kili Climbers we were able to move forward with plans to renovate the isolation rooms on Ward 33. A project we hope to start in the very near future.

We are very grateful to Viv for all she does – not just for Bright Red, but for the amazing work on Ward 33 too.


Fundraiser Friday – Hannah Daltry

Today’s Fundraiser Friday focuses on our good friend Hannah Daltry.

After attending a fundraising event for Bright Red, Hannah became motivated to fundraise us. Inspired by a heartbreaking story,  she set herself the challenge of completing the Great North Swim.

Hannah said “I decided at the beginning of the year I wanted to help Bright Red. Local charities can so easily be over looked, but often they are the charities really making a difference.

I managed to finish in 48 minutes which I was really pleased with. Most pleasing of all is that I raised over £600.

It was a pleasure to represent such an amazing charity. I hope I can do much more for you in the future”

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