2015 April


Jewellery on sale to help blood cancer patients

Em Bell is selling off her jewellery stock to help blood cancer patients across the north.

Em ran a jewellery business before her husband Chris was sadly diagnosed with AML.

Em explains “Chris has been receiving treatment for 5 months at the Freeman Hospital. He is currently in remission. The amount of help and support we as a family have received from the staff at the Freeman as been amazing.

We want to raise funds to help other patients and selling jewellery is one of the ways in which we’re helping.

As a family, we are also taking part in the Freeman Fun Run on Sunday May 17.”

Anyone wanting to view the items can visit Em’s page here.


Fundraiser Friday – Andy Preece

This week our Fundraiser Friday is dedicated to another of our Ambassadors. The very brave, Andy Preece.

Andy is a pillar of strength. He’s been through an awful lot, but he never stops smiling. He has faith that we can beat cancer, and it’s because of people like him that one day, we will. We’re honoured to call him an Ambassador.

Andy explains “My brother Steven Preece, known since he was a kid to everybody as Nobby, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in November 2011. He died October 2012, only 11 months from diagnosis.  He spent 9 months of his final year on Ward 33 and 34 .

Steven received a bone marrow transplant and was kept in isolation for 8 weeks.  I spent everyday with him. It was after watching him suffer so much that I decided I had to do something to help research into all blood cancers.  It was really horrible watching my brother have such a hard time and knew I had to do something.

11 months after Steven passed away my Grandmother Mavis died. 6 months after that my mother Anita sadly lost her fight against cancer, and also passed away.  Three deaths in the family in 18 months was very hard to deal with. But as far possible, I’m using the grief to push me forward to help others. I want to make sure other families don’t have to suffer. 

Our first fundraiser was the Soul for Steve night at Hoochi Coochie, this raised £2,000. I’ve taken part in the Great North Run for the past two years, and have raised a further £2,500. I then became an Ambassador for Bright Red and decided to do a crazy 12 month Challenge ‘A Year On The Wagon” which is bringing in a lot of money for the charity.  I’m nearly a third of the way through the year, and it hasn’t got any easier! But the support i’ve received, and knowing how much of a difference I’m making, makes it all worth while. “


For more information on Andy’s challenge you can visit www.justgiving.com/inmemoryofnobby : or to donate you can text “WAGN £3 to 70070”


Bright Red Auction

As you may be aware, May 2015 marks Bright Red’s 5th anniversary. To date we have invested over £1,000,000 in the region. We’ve helped improve patient care, invested in staff development, funded multiple research projects and purchased vital equipment.

Over the next five years we hope to invest much more and would like your help to do that.

 We have decided to bring back the Bright Red Auction and are looking for donations. We will host the auction via a site called Jumblebee. The full address is : http://www.jumblebee.co.uk/brightredauction

 Bidding will open on Monday 17 May. This is the day after our two largest events, the Freeman Fun Run and the Ride for Red. The auction will run until midnight on Thursday 28 May which is World Blood Cancer Day.

If you are able to support the charity, please email Support@brightred.org.uk with details of any auction lots. 


Bright Red extends Dr Chris Carey’s grant

Bright Red have agreed to give Dr Chris Carey a further £16,005 of funding, to allow him to continue his study ‘MYC-based therapeutic stratification and drug target discovery in aggressive B-Cell lymphomas

As some of you will know, Dr Carey is currently working at the Boston Harvard Medical School. His time in Boston is coming to an end and he is due to return to Newcastle within the next few months.

Dr Chris Bacon said ” This money will help to ensure that when Dr Carey comes back to Newcastle he will be able to become a key part of the lymphoma research efforts in the region, forming a key link between the research labs and the clinics. The technical expertise Chris will bring back will be invaluable not only to those of us investigating blood cancers but to those working in other areas too.”


£5 for 5

Our regular donors are the backbone of the charity. It is thanks to our regular donors that we have been able to do as much as we have. In our first five years we have invested over £1,000,000 into improving patient care, developing staff and funding research.

Increasing our regular income will help us become a more sustainable charity. It also means that we will be able to invest in more long term projects.

Over the next 5 years we want to;

  1. Employ another Bright Red Outreach Nurse
  2. Support more patients across the North
  3. Support clinic trials
  4. Increase educational funding
  5. Increase funding into research.

To help us achieve this we have launched our regular giving campaign, £5 for 5. The more we raise, the more we can spend on our fight against blood cancer.

You can sign up here


Bright Red help fund the next Haematology Patient Survivorship Conference

Bright Red have agreed to give £1,000 towards the cost of the next Haematology Patient Survivorship Conference in Durham.

Clinical Nurse Specialist Catherine Cox said “The aim of the event is to address the complex survivorship issues patients are faced with, both practical and psychological, when living with and beyond a haematological cancer diagnosis. These issues are often very complex, affecting patients quality of life & ability to return to every day life, including relationships & work.”

As previous supporters of the event we know just how important it is to patients. We are very proud to help fund the event again.


Fundraiser Friday – NC Insurance

Last year NC Insurance selected Bright Red to be their Charity of the Year. For 12 months they have worked tirelessly to fundraise for us, coming up with many creative ideas along the way.

The team raised an incredible £2,957.50 through various events. They also nominated Bright Red for an Aviva Community Fund Award. The nomination was successful and we received an additional £2,000 towards the cost of the isolation room renovation.

When we asked if we could share their story, the creativity kept coming. Below is a poem about their year of fundraising.

We are very grateful for all the team have done, the funds they have raised will go a long way in our fight against blood cancer.

NC Insurance & Bright Red

“When it comes to a good cause NC Insurance will help if we can

Bright Red’s such a worthy charity; we had to come up with a plan.


Dressing Down’s a thing we love and it’s a small fee to take part,

All cash in the Bright Red pot so this is where we start.


We’ve gambled on the National and had a baby sweep,

Then raffled all sorts items that people love to keep.


A domino card on a Friday will help raise more cash,

Keep adding to the total and we’re getting quite a stash.


Who loves Feast on Friday when your lunch is cooked for you?

Just turn up in the kitchen, heat up, that’s all you have to do.


Move over Mary Berry our baked goods would get first prize,

Set the table in the morning they’ll disappear before your eyes.


We’ve had Movember and Decembeard for the men to join in,

Then off came that winter hair to show their clean shaved skin.


A mention for the sweetie tree’s a luxury from Sue we adore,

Lindor, Ferror and Mini Crème Egg, kept us wanting more.


So from NC Insurance please accept the money we have raised,

For all the good work that Bright Red does, we are full of praise.”


Fundraiser Friday – Jon Stoodley

Today our Fundraiser Friday is focused on Jon Stoodley. Jon became involved with Bright Red through our connection with the North East Retro Gaming organisers.

During the Play Blackpool event over the weekend of the 2 May Jon is going to try and play a perfect game of Pac Man. It is a serious test of endurance and concentration.

Jon explains “Only 6 guys in the world have played a perfect game in 34 years.

There has been literally billions of games of Pac Man played in that time. For some, ‘perfect’ Pac Man is the Holy Grail of classic retro gaming.

This will take me about 6 hours 20 minutes and I can’t lose a life or miss anything for 256 boards. That includes eating every ghost, with every power pill, every time.

I came very close in May and missed it by 90 points. “

We wish Jon all the best for the challenge. He’s already raised over £500 for Bright Red, so he’s already a winner in our eyes.

If you would like to sponsor Jon, you can do so here.


Fundraiser Friday – Clair Gray

This weeks #FundraiserFriday is dedicated to a very good friend of ours Clair Gray.

Clair became involved with Bright Red through Lee Robson’s family. She was touched by Lee’s story and wanted to help make a difference.

After learning of Bright Red Clair quickly signed up to be a part of our Kilimanjaro Climbers. Leading up to the trip Clair was fundraising nearly every weekend and raised over £4,000.

Our supporters in Consett will undoubtedly know Clair. She’s heavily involved with the local community and spends a great deal of her spare time helping people in need.

As a working busy mum, finding time to fundraise for so many causes isn’t easy. When you ask Clair why she does it all, her answer is always “you never know when it might happen to you”.

Clair will join us on our Moroccan 3 Peak Trek next year and has already raised over £1,000 for this trip. She’s a fantastic asset to the team, as she’ll bring a lot of positive energy to the group. We only hope that this time she comes back with all her toenails!!

If you’d like to sponsor Clair you can do so here.


Evaluation of the role of BACH2 in determining chemosensitivity in B-cell malignancies

Last year Bright Red awarded Peixun Zhou £18,000 worth of funding for his project: ‘Evaluation of the role of BACH2 in determining chemosensitivity in B-cell malignancies’

Those of you who attended our Bright Red Research Open day may remember Peixun, as he kindly hosted one of the workshops.

We’re delighted to share with you his final report : BrightRed_End_of_Grant_Report_AHall.

We are extremely proud to have supported Peixun and are thrilled that he’s been able to go on and secure additional funding to continue his good work.

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